Case Studies

What we have done in the past

  • Enterprise

    Systems at scale. We find joy in building systems that scale. Whether your organization is just beginning to grow or already has a large ecosystem. We are a valuable player for your operations.

    Remote Teams Real Estate Medical Department of Defense Scale Distributed Redundant
  • Startups

    The thrill of the hunt. We thrive building new systems that haven't be done before. We specialize in stacks that make development efficient as you grow and pivot.

    Speed to Market Productivity Seed Venture Capital Flexibility
  • Non-Profits

    Mission is key. Non-profit ventures bring an urgency to deliver simply and efficently for your consumers. It is important to understand the needs of your organization and the constraints you are operating in.

    Simple Efficient Automated Value Donations
  • Healthcare

    A constant in a changing world. We love to look for ways to make consumer costs more affordable through infinitely scalable technology. There is no reason we can't make medical information as accessible and secure as banking and communication.

    Privacy Security HIPPA Big Data
  • Finance

    Where details matter. Nothing matters more here than correctness. We make it our focus so your team is able to spend time where it matters the most in your organization.

    Commerce Accounting Integrated Payments
  • Web Applications

    We deliver applications to be consumed by users and syndicated by machines. Applications can be tricky to deliver as intended, we understand and make delivery scale to the masses.

    Web Apps React Content Management Copywriting Systematic
  • Mobile Apps

    Services that are packaged for your users to consume. You users interact with you through a variety of mediums, and we can help you reach them where they feel most comfortable. There are many paths to develop applications and we can help you make sense of them. From the web to mobile to enterprise.

    iOS Android React Native Mobile Web Phones Tablets
  • Services & Micro Services

    Not everything is packaged in an application. We get that and love that.

    Kubernetes Docker Enterprise Systems IoT & Devices Accounting Recurring Payment Processing
  • Platform Architecture

    We look at your goals and select the platforms that best support your organization in terms of quality, flexibility, security, and cost. There are often many right answers and different combinations, we can help you select and build the right one.

    Cloud Kubernetes Containers AWS Digital Ocean Redundancy
  • Product Development

    Design a system to solve specific problems for your company. We start with human centered design to make sure you and your users get what is important. Then we hand-select systems, frameworks, and infrastructure support your product.

    Task Oriented Design Thinking User Experience / UX User Interface / UI Node (Javascript) Ruby Python Go
  • Software Engineering

    Make your application real. Or add on to existing systems. We build for users and test with automation for enjoyable and functional products. Development can be a learning experience for organizations that haven't done it before. We make this simple.

    Agile Always Deliver Value Demos CI / CD Automated Testing Machine Learning (ML)

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