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So what does this actually cost?

Let's get a baseline with Shopify Plus.

  1. Website Build $20k-200k

    While it is possible, to not build a custom site, this is probably the reason that you are considering this to begin with. Even if you go with a customized theme, you are looking at $20k minimum with reputable firm. You want a better experience for your customers, improves your reach, and grows your bottom line.

  2. Shopify Licensing $24k+ per year

    To use the Shopify platform, the fees start at $2,000 per month, and go higher after you pass $800k in sales.

  3. Third Party Licensing $500-1,500+ per month

    Do you need any 3rd party provided utilities like subscriptions ($300+ plus sales %), search ($800+), or email marketing ($500+)? These costs are just an estimate, and could be more or less depending on your needs.

  4. Maintenance $2k-20k per year

    The online world needs to be kept up-to-date, to avoid liability for security flaws. These would be on maintaining the code that isn't maintained by Shopify or any of the Apps you subscribe to. These costs will be significantly less than what you pay for the initial site build, but will be somewhat relative to that(i.e. a bigger, more complex site will require more maintenance).

  5. Payment Processing 2.4% + $0.30

    While payment processing is some what a constant, it is certainly a cost (or tax) to be remembered. Deferred payments will also add costs here, as that convenience for your customers is a line item for you.

Shopify Plus Totals

1 Year Total $52,000 - $268,000 + Processing Fees
The first year will be the most, due to initial development costs, assuming you build a custom site which Shopify Plus enables you do do. The Annual Expenses are included in this number.

3 Year Total $128,000 - $344,000 + Processing Fees
It always is worthwhile to look what your outlay will be after three years. This includes the Annual Expenses as well. Also keep in mind, that especially after 3 years, you will probably want to make some both design and development changes -- and these figures don't inculde that.

Annual Expenses $38,000+
These are the expenses you will pay each year to run the store, regardless of store revenue. They are largely composed of licensing costs, from Shopify and any other Apps from the Shopify marketplace.

Over three years you will be paying over $114,000 for Platform and App licence fees, and you will continue to pay that in perpetuity. The same fees over 10 years equals $380,000.00! While your numbers may vary based on what you need, if you understand why these number are what they are, we can help! And we can help in a big way.

Where would you rather spend $380,000?

The Solution

  1. Bespoke Website Build $20k-200k

    This is the whole reason for being here. Better for your customers and increase your bottom line.

  2. Hosting $50-500 per month

    This is cost depends on your traffic largely, and how much redundancy you want.

  3. Maintenance ~$12k per year

    Exchange licencing fees for gives you flexibility to add what you need when you need it.

  4. Payment Processing 2.4% + $0.30

    Costs on payments are always a constant, but generally we can get you better rates than what you were getting for the same volume! We also support several processors and are processor agnostic.

1 Year Total $32k - $218k + Processing Fees
The first year will be most of the investment. Saving you $30k-50k. Or the better option would be to put that back into items that increase your bottom line (that you only have to pay for once)!

3 Year Total $56k - $254k + Processing Fees
For comparison's sake. Saving you $72k-90k! What could you do with $90k? Reinvest it? Delight your customers more?

Annual Expenses $12k-18k+ per year
To run the store. Saving you $26k annually, and $260k over 10 years! These expenses give you the latest performance improvements, keep security vulnerabilities at bay, and keep you ready to add features a moment's notice!

So the $380k question again... Would you rather put it into licencing fees or into growing your bottom line?

We suggest your bottom line.

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