What to Know BEFORE Meeting With a Developer

Jo Beckwith March 12, 2020
You think you're ready to start talking to developers about your idea for a new application or system! Its exciting - maybe a little scary! What should you come prepared with to have a productive meeting?

Bringing Exposure to Taxpayer Funded Intellectual Property

We built a safe, central place to make it simple for US companies to collaborate new technology.
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Interactive Housing Explorer

Enter the "Netflix" of Neighborhoods! Get intelligent recommendations based on your values!
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COVID-19 Update

Matt Smith March 23, 2020
At Near Apogee, we have been a remote company from pretty much day one. So for us, we are working in a fairly normal pattern. Though for many, that is not the case -- and we get that!

Business Development Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!

Jo Beckwith March 13, 2020
Tuning into a podcast has become one of the main ways that modern businessmen and women are learning, connecting, and consuming new ideas and information. We love listening at Near Apogee and wondered - what podcasts are our business-minded peers listening to? 

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