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Interactive Housing Explorer

Enter the "Netflix" of Neighborhoods! Get intelligent recommendations based on your values!
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Should My Store Use Shopify....Or Something Else?

Jo Beckwith May 21, 2020
To build custom software or go with an “off-the-shelf” or SaaS solution - such as Shopify or WooCommerce - is a quandary many eCommerce business owners find themselves facing. There are benefits to both sides. Off-the-shelf lends itself to a faster runway to going live, while custom allows you to build the specific support and services your website needs. SaaS solutions have easy-to-add-features, while custom allows you to choose and expand on the exact features you need and want. So which is the right choice for you?

COVID-19 Update

Matt Smith March 22, 2020
At Near Apogee, we have been a remote company from pretty much day one. So for us, we are working in a fairly normal pattern. Though for many, that is not the case -- and we get that!

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