Why chase every other online store?

We help e-commerce companies to overcome barriers to growth.

Platform e-commerce solutions are great for proving you have a business.

But as you grow, what are you missing?

Do these sound familiar?
  • Shopify promised a feature months ago - where is it?
  • When will "Sections Everywhere" actually come out?
  • It seemed great at first but now all of my apps don’t communicate with each other.
  • It was easy to get started, but now my store doesn’t support my workflow or allow me to automate critical parts of my business!
  • What will I have to fix on my Premium theme now that X feature is released? How much will that cost?
  • My curbside pickup app doesn’t work the way I want it to with our subscription orders!
E-commerce isn’t new. These problems are well defined.

Sell more, with less work.

Escape the box.

When all of your competitors are racing to the same finish line. Choose a different line. There is no reason to get stuck in the same traffic jam as everyone else.
Build a store that enables sales and your competitors will envy.
What We Do
My only hesitation recommending Near Apogee, is the chance they are not available when we need them next!

Scott Isaacson
Partner, Riverbend Design Group


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We are a team of software developers, designers, and creatives dedicated to solving the pitfalls that off-the-shelf and SaaS e-commerce solutions fail to address.
Beyond that we have built marketplaces, payment processing systems for fiscal sponsors and non-profits, scheduling systems multi-party appointments, resource management for data centers, built startups from the ground up, and backed countless design agencies.
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