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My only hesitation recommending Near Apogee, is the chance they are not available when we need them next!

Scott Isaacson
Partner, Riverbend Design Group


Bringing Exposure to Taxpayer Funded Intellectual Property

We built a safe, central place to make it simple for US companies to collaborate new technology.
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Interactive Housing Explorer

Enter the "Netflix" of Neighborhoods! Get intelligent recommendations based on your values!
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We are your partner in efficiency.

Simplify to go further, faster.

    • We deliver business results.
    • What you build will have direct impact and lasting benefit.
    • We simplify processes.
    • A solution that eats up less time, and lets you focus.
    • We secure data.
    • Limit liability and exposure for you and your customers. You earn their trust.
    • We plan for change.
    • Start with a solid foundation, to make future product or application development simple.

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