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There are hundreds of ways, online and offline, to find a house. But what about the rest of what you care about? Will you hate the drive to the grocery store? Too far away from nightlife? Too close to heavy morning traffic?? There needs to be a simpler way to find where you want to live.
Urbanist Insider set out to solve this for the city of Denver, Colorado, partnering with Near Apogee Consulting and Vasari Studio. The collaboration yielded an interactive map complete with not only housing data, but video and written content purposely sourced from each individual neighborhood. Additionally, we provided the ability to tell the site what you care about (safety, nightlife, food, outdoors) and explore neighborhoods sorted by your values!

Explore, Before Moving

Urbanist Insider selected Denver for the initial launch. Not only could you browse housing choices with incredible photography and video, but you’d find written and video interviews with current residents and drone photography of your potential new neighborhood. 

We let you see where the interviews were conducted on a map. See the boundaries of each neighborhood in vivid color! See where the nightlife is centered, or where the safest places for your family would be and what the parks look like!

The best part was the weighted scores derived for each neighborhood and individualized for you - personally! We love this to learn about things that you never knew existed! It is incredible for finding pockets that are perfect for you and your family that are glossed over when you only consider current places for rent or sale!

Neighborhood On Demand

In today's world of content and entertainment on demand, it seems like there should be a better way to find your housing of choice besides browsing currently available inventory - so often, that results in choices between less than ideal options.

Enter the "Netflix" of Neighborhoods! An application to learn about you and make intelligent recommendations and allow you to get in a window into a world that may be half a country (or a country away)!

We applaud Urbanist Insider for tackling this massive challenge!

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