Bringing Exposure to Taxpayer Funded Intellectual Property

Near Apogee partnered with CTRAC to market government tech to commercial firms.

The U.S. Government and its divisions have built untold numbers of viable technologies that remain out of sight. While some are top secret, others are patented and available to the public. Upon congressional reprimands, AFRL realized that they needed an accessible way to market technologies that had already been researched and patented. 
We contracted with CTRAC, under AFRL, to build a window to view these hidden technologies. For those developing commercially viable technologies for government and industry, this platform provided a safe marketplace to publish their intellectual works. We built a safe, central place to make it easier for US companies to build new technology quickly and also know if there was already a solution in existence.  

A Hub for Connection

We connected government agencies, academia, and industry, in a way that hadn’t been done before. Not only is Technology Marketplace a hub for connection, but we expanded it to include social media integration, marketing automation, and resources through event awareness and press releases to raise the level of informed consciousness industry-wide.

A Big Goal. An Uncertain Path. Certain Expectations.

There have been many ideas on how to "commercialize government technology" in the past and there have been many attempts to accomplish that. But all of those solutions have eventually fallen away.

We love taking big ideas, building prototypes, failing, and iterating to find viable solutions for our clients. This project embodied that.

It originally started as a document management system to shuffle documents on the way through the US patent process. But it ended up as a marketplace for technology and a community for technology transfer.

Through this transformation, we had to listen to both C-TRAC and AFRL to find the best vehicle to take technology transfer to an economically viable model.

Built With

AWS Rails React Node.js Ruby D3.js


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