Do You Have to Sacrifice Shipping & Fulfillment to Simplify?

Jo Beckwith

Are you exhausted by trying to manage shipping and fulfillment for your online shop in a handful of different places?

Do you wish the logic for your business was contained in one - central - system instead of fracturing out over a number of plugins and applications?

Switching to your own, owned site instead of living within the platform ecosystem is one of the best ways to simplify and centralize your shipping & fulfillment.

But how possible is that, and would you be losing features by moving away?

Thankfully, you don't have to sacrifice any of your current systems by moving away from the platform - and this is how.

Do you feel that your current shipping & fulfillment system are streamlining your business or adding headaches to it?

We'd love to continue the conversation and see if now might be the best time to switch your shop!

Jo Beckwith
As someone with a heart for people and a background in advocacy, this role fits with what I'm already passionate about - increasing positive communication, building long-term client relationships, and making sure expectations are properly set and then promptly met.

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