Scared of Starting Your Ecomm Shop from Scratch? Here's What You Should Know!

Jo Beckwith

I find many ecommerce shop owners interested in making a change but scared of starting "from scratch."

So let's take a closer look at that - does changing platforms or starting new actually mean starting over?

Thankfully - no! Your theme, workflow, product catalog, and more can all be imported over to your new shop!

A surprising amount of your current shop can be migrated over.

What fears come to mind when considering changing platforms or websites for you?

I'd love to continue the conversation and see if now might be the best time to switch your shop! Visit our site linked in the comments or shoot me a message here!

Jo Beckwith
As someone with a heart for people and a background in advocacy, this role fits with what I'm already passionate about - increasing positive communication, building long-term client relationships, and making sure expectations are properly set and then promptly met.

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