Matt Smith
Matt enjoys helping clients build applications that do more with less. He has been a part of teams building applications for startups, government entities, and commercial clients. He loves opening doors clients never knew existed.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Josie. They have three boys. He loves Harleys and fabricating parts for Jeeps and custom motorcycles in his garage.

How to Budget for a Software Project
Matt Smith October 22, 2019
Recently, we realized not everyone, or company, knows how to budget for a new software project. Coupled with the fact that people are almost always over optimistic and software isn’t cheap, this is a topic that needs addressing!

COVID-19 Update
Matt Smith March 22, 2020
At Near Apogee, we have been a remote company from pretty much day one. So for us, we are working in a fairly normal pattern. Though for many, that is not the case -- and we get that!